You know you’ve got something to sell.
Now let’s Focus, Launch, and Succeed.

Answer these questions:

  • Can you describe your product so that anyone can understand it?
  • Do you know who your customers are – and where?
  • Do you know where you stand against your competition?
  • Are your products priced right?
  • Are your cost of goods are as low as they can be?
  • Do you know where and when your break even is?

If the answers to any of these questions are still hazy, we can help.

Every product or service your company takes to market needs the support of a solid, well-constructed business model. Success is tough to achieve. Without a solid business model it’s called luck. Don’t bet your company (or your investor’s money) on getting lucky.

Blast-off Specialists

Launching (or re-launching) a company or a product is like blasting off. It takes drive, focus, willpower, vision, and a great support team. That’s what Motive brings to the team.

We’re blast off specialists. We take your ideas and help launch them into reality. And by outsourcing your “blast off” tasks to us, you save your company money and keep yourself flexible for change. Whatever stage of blast off your company is in, Motive can help you get into orbit.


So you’ve got a great idea, and a great business model. Good start. Now stand in line.

You’re in competition with a thousand other great ideas. You’re but a sentence in a huge block of text. How do you make that sentence stand out in bold red?

We can help. It starts with focus. We focus your product “story” into a simple, direct sales pitch aimed at a clearly defined market. Then we build a marketing plan that proves the model (through real sales revenues) BEFORE it calls for major cash outlays.

  Business Plan

The three most important keys to launching or reorganizing a business are:

  • A winning business concept
  • A focused business plan
  • The right management

As a great fundraiser once said, “There are no money problems – only idea problems.”

The world is full of great products that will never survive because they lack the right ideas – the right business model and go-to-market plan. Getting to market means getting to money. And without that, a business is not a business.

Before you join others in the bankruptcy cemetery, stop and check whether you have a solid business model.

Motive Marketing can help you compile and organize the market research that will offer a convincing business model to investors and lead to a successful sales and marketing campaign.

  Business Development

Partnering is one of the quickest ways to success. Microsoft built its empire by partnering with computer manufacturers. Standing on other companies’ shoulders can put your company above the crowd of competitors.

But partnering is about relationships – that is, a healthy rolodex. Sometimes it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And with over 20 years of networking, we know some folks here and there.

Business development is finding the right companies with whom to create win-win strategic partnerships that lead to large sales with minimum effort.


When the right idea is followed by the right marketing plan aimed at the right target market, sales come a whole lot easier.

But the distance between “Yeah, it’s a nice product” and “Yeah, I’m ready to buy it” is all about closing the deal.

It’s about answering a buyer’s objections, adding value, creating new efficiencies, or helping a company save money by spending wisely. And it’s about knowing what’s working and what’s not – being responsive to the street.

Some companies have great products, but they just can’t close the deals.

Is it the right product at the wrong time? Is it the right product with the wrong sales force? We can help you process the feedback from the street, and convert it into effective change, which will lead to the sales your company wants – and needs, NOW.