As the company Icon Productions hired
to design and manage the marketing of Mel Gibson’s, The Passion of the Christ,
Motive Entertainment helmed
one of the most successful marketing campaigns in Hollywood history.

Earning $125 million in its first five days (the highest box office gross ever for a five-day period, starting on a Wednesday), with a relatively small marketing budget, The Passion shattered expectations and earned over $600 million worldwide at the box office.

Motive’s strategy for The Passion was based on a unique system of highly effective marketing “formulas” that connect with consumers at a deeper, cause-based level; an approach which the company calls “motive marketing”.


  • Motive-based business & marketing plans
  • Packaging of cast, crew and financing
  • Partnerships, licensing, merchandising


  • Assistance in distribution or self-distribution


  • Key leaders, organizations, churches, schools
  • Street teams
  • Retail relations for displays, group sales, 4-walling
  • Telemarketing, eblasts, direct mail and response


  • Screenings and events for media, leaders, and consumers
  • Staged events for launch and promotions
  • Database of 2,000+ conferences for promotions


  • Dbase of 2,000+ radio stations nationwide
  • Web Promotions to thousands of web sites
  • Sweepstakes – online and retail


  • Print – creation and fulfillment of flyers, posters, etc.
  • Video – creation of resource DVDs, trailers, EPKs
  • Chotchkies – T-shirts, toys, etc.
  • Communications – 800 #s, email blasts, fax blasts


  • Press Kits, releases, notes, trailers, stills
  • Contacts with 4,000+ mainstream and niche outlets
  • ADVERTISING Advertising – print, radio, TV and web ads, infomercials


  • Social networking
  • Resource websites
  • Online press room & promotions

Our Channel of Influence.

Tens of millions of niche-market consumers, including:

350,000 Churches

200,000 Educators

130,000,000 Weekly Church Attendees

1,000’s of Faith Market Organizations

1,000,000’s of youth and volunteers in family organizations like Boy/Girl Scouts, Boys/Girls Clubs, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, 4-H, and YMCA

1,000,000’s of participants in sports organizations (AYSO, Little League, football, tennis, and other sports)

Millions of students and teachers in schools, colleges, and educational associations

Leaders, influencers, and organizations in niche communities like: Hispanic, African American, Political, Seniors, Military, Online/Social Networking

Relationships throughout entertainment industry dealing in development, talent, crew, finance, production, marketing and distribution