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Daily Variety

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The movie that couldn’t find a distributor a year ago is now poised to become this year’s first surprise hit.  “It’s one of the most talked about films since the first Star Wars prequel,” said Exhibitor Relations prez Paul Dergarabedian.

Yahoo News

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Gibson Film Gets Huge Marketing Effort: The groundswell is stunning considering the once-dismal expectations for the film, which is in Latin, Hebrew and Aramaic with English subtitles and is rated R for violence. It’s set to debut Feb 25 on 2,000 screens — an unusually large release for an independent religious film.

Headlines & Stats – The Passion of the Christ

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Passion KA – CHING: Devout auds drive stunning $20 million bow.”
– Daily Variety

“We have never experienced this level of interest in group sales,” said Regal Theaters VP Dick Westerling.
– Variety

“The film succeeded through Gibson’s brilliant marketing strategy.”
– Associated Press

“The Passion is rewriting box-office history.”
Paul Dergarabedian of Exhibitor Relations, in Associated Press

Grossed $612 million in worldwide box office
#1 R-rated film in history
#1 independently distributed film in history
#1 February release in history
#1 5-day per screen average of $41,295